CHRISTMAS Tree Care Instructions

Stop those needles dropping early!

Caring For Your CHRISTMAS Tree:

We want you to enjoy your Oxford Christmas Company tree for as long as possible. All cut Christmas trees will lose some needles, but you can keep this to a minimum by following these simple steps:


  • Water your Christmas tree regularly.
  • Keep your Christmas tree away from open flames and heat sources, preferably in a cool room. Under-floor heating will dry out the needles much quicker so try to avoid setting it up in a heated space.
  • Cover the floor or table where your tree will be placed to help protect from water spillages. Our Dry-Mate Christmas tree mats will absorb all spillages and protect the flooring.
  • Wear garden gloves when handling your Christmas tree as the needles can cause a mild allergic reaction on sensitive skin.

Setting up your CHRISTMAS tree:

  • Keep your tree outside in a cool, dry place, preferably standing in water, until you are ready to bring it indoors and set it up.
  • Using a handsaw cut approximately an inch (1.3cm-2.5cm) off the bottom of the trunk of your tree to aid water absorption.
  • Make sure that your Christmas tree stand holds water. You can order the tree stand to fit your size tree on our website.
  • Mount your Christmas tree in your stand as soon as possible after cutting the base.
  • Make sure your Christmas tree is straight before you start decorating it.  It is a good idea for at least two people to put up your tree; one holding it stable and straight whilst the other fixes the base securely. 
  • Remove the netting once the tree is in the stand.
  • Allow the branches to settle for a few hours before decorating.
  • Check the water levels in your stand every other day and keep it topped up.
  • TOP TIP - Don't cut the base at an angle, in a V-shape. None of these methods help water absorption and they may make it more difficult to hold the tree safely in a stand.
  • TOP TIP - If you live in Oxfordshire our team can set up your tree for you, ready to decorate. To find out more go to our Christmas tree set-up service page.