Christmas Tree Set-up Service

Let the Oxford Christmas Company deliver and set-up your tree, ready for you to decorate. This service is particularly popular for our large Christmas tree range.

4ft (125cm - 150cm): £10.00                5ft (150cm - 180cm): £12.50

6ft (180cm - 210cm): £15.00                7ft (210cm - 240cm): £17.50

8ft (224cm - 240cm): £20.00                9ft (270cm - 300cm): £25.50

10ft (300cm - 350cm): £27.50             12ft (350cm - 400cm): £30.00      

For convenience, we advise that you order and pay for the Set-up Service via our online shop when ordering your Christmas tree. This service is also available at the point of delivery but payment must be made at the same time.

Please note: if we are setting up your tree you must provide a suitable Christmas Tree Stand.  Stands are available from our online shop or can be provided, and must be paid for, at the point of delivery.