Choosing a Christmas Tree

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Let us help you pick the right size tree

Measuring Your Tree

IMPORTANT: All of our Christmas trees are measured in 30cm categories. For example a 6ft tree (180/210cm) will be between 180cm and 210cm total height. Please make sure you allow for this variation when measuring your space.

Pick your Spot

You need to decide where your tree will go. The ideal spot is a corner away from direct heat and safe from excited toddlers, tail-wagging pets and merry adults.

If you intend to put your tree on a table or you have a special stand, don’t forget to subtract the height of those things from the total height of the space for the tree, and remember to leave room for the fairy!!

If you will be using mains powered fairy lights remember to set it up close to a plug socket.

The image below will help you choose the scale and size of the perfect Christmas tree for your home.