Care Instructions

In order to keep your Nordman Fir in perfect condition and for it to be guaranteed under our Terms and Conditions, you need to follow our care instructions. All Christmas trees will lose some needles, but you will keep this to a minimum by following these simple steps:

Keep your tree outside until you are ready to assemble it.

When you are ready to assemble your tree, cut approximately one inch from the base using a hand saw. If your stand has a spike in the base of the dish, then you must drill a suitably-sized hole in the centre of the base of the tree.

DO NOT position your tree next to a source of heat, such as radiators and open fires.

Secure your tree in a water-retaining stand. Depending on its size, a tree can absorb up to a pint of water a day. Check the water level daily and top it up as necessary. Only use clean, fresh water. Your tree will not be guaranteed under our Terms and Conditions if the stand does not hold water, if the tree is not watered regularly or if anything has been added to the water. You can order appropriately-sized Christmas Tree Stands from our website. 

Once assembled, it is advisable to let the tree settle for 24 hours prior to decorating to allow the branches to relax into shape after packaging.